What we stand for

Shift SC is USC's student-led platform for socially responsible technology.

our goal

To promote interdisciplinary conversation and action at USC around the social implications and ethical issues of modern technology.

Shift was designed around 3 action areas:


Shift aims to provide a platform for students, organizations, and industry to come together and hold conversations about the rapidly advancing technology and its societal implications.


Shift hosts workshops and lectures to spread awareness about digital well-being, AI ethics, and other tech-for-good topics to the USC community and broader Los Angeles population.


Working in tandem with various labs on campus, Shift is conducting research to advance knowledge in the effects of technology on various aspects of life, from policy to digital well-being.

Our work is centered around four core values:

Social Responsibility

Our primary goal here at Shift is to challenge and grow our understanding of often overlooked social issues stemming from technology and to spread our knowledge throughout USC’s campus and beyond.


Shift aims to break down academic silos by bringing together diverse students to think critically about technology and our role in shaping it. Our members represent over 10 different schools at USC, including 20+ different majors and minors.

Campus-wide Orientation

Building on our inclusion of all backgrounds, we create opportunities for any and all USC students to engage with ideas related to responsible technology, not just engineers and designers.


By bringing together a community of students passionate about shaping the future of ethical technology, we are able to work smarter and learn from the passions of others in the club.